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View our shared library of video resources, covering everything from chair features and terrains, care and maintenance, end user stories, technical advice and more. This library includes videos from Sunrise Medical (our parent company) and their Education in Motion platform, targeted specifically to Allied Health professionals and therapists.

Terrains – Everyday Off-road

Terrains – Adventurous Off-road

Terrains – Roomy Indoors

Terrains – Urban Outdoors

Terrains – Tight Indoors

Terrains – Extreme Off-road

Mark’s NDIS Funding story

Views from the chair – Adventure with Tom

Champion horse trainer Dan, in his Frontier V6

Views from the chair – Empowerment with Peta

Improved transfer tilt performance

Making your NDIS funding go further

Magic Mobility seating options

Learning about arm pads with Lachie

Fold forward backrest

Head Control Unit

Puncture resistant tyre liners

Transfer Tilt and Articulating Footplate

Wheelchair customisations for your lifestyle

Tyre options

Views from the chair – Togetherness with Aleacia

Views from the chair – Magic Mobility users

Choosing the right drive train

Making the most of your demo

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