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Powered Wheelchair Provisioning

Powered wheelchairs are clinically necessary to enable users with mobility limitations to live more independently, pursue their life goals, be active in their community and individually manage their health and wellbeing.

This online resource aims to support efforts in the provisioning of powered wheelchairs, seating and other powerchair accessories in order to maximise users' independence and functional abilities.

The powerchair provisioning process should always be framed in terms of enabling potential abilities, so your client can reach their personal goals and realise specified life and functional outcomes.

Magic Mobility powerchairs are designed for users whose life goals include the need to:

  • Maximise personal independence

  • Spend extended periods in their wheelchair

  • Access both indoor and outdoor environments

  • Powered wheelchairs are mobility devices designed to provide independence and promote function for clients who are unable to mobilise over distance.

  • Dynamic seating and power options are modular and configurable, and designed to suit wheelchair users who are unable to reposition themselves.

  • Funding for powerchairs differs across national and state jurisdictions, but usually requires clinical evidence to justify its necessity, as defined within jurisdictionally-specific limits.

  • While funding rationales generally require the backing of clinical evidence, maximising your clients' quality of life begins with understanding their interests, abilities, social context, life goals and potential changes to their future circumstances. This ensures that all recommended scripted equipment is fit for purpose and will meet their changing needs.

To learn more about Australia's NDIS eligibility criteria, please click here.

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