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Provisioning Pathway

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The aim of this resource is to support your efforts to provision powered wheelchairs that maximise their users' independence, social inclusion and feelings of wellbeing.

Heading 1: The World of Web Development

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Heading 2: Technologies in Use

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Heading 3: The Role of WordPress

WordPress is a powerful CMS that powers a significant portion of the web. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a top choice for developers and content creators.

  1. HTML and CSS for structure and style

  2. JavaScript and jQuery for interactivity

  3. WordPress for content management

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The Powerchair Provisioning Process

The following outlines each step along with the therapist's role and responsibilities. Key guides and references are included. 


Therapists' role and responsibilities

Key Guides and references


Understand the basic principles for selecting and fitting specific equipment to meet users' powered wheelchair requirements 


Assess users' needs in terms of the necessity for powered wheelchair technology to enable independent, socially inclusive life

Equipment Recommendation and Selection

Collaborate with the client and a powered wheelchair fitment expert to understand and select options most appropriate to the users' needs

Funding Procurement

Prepare a detailed specification and provide an evidence-based rationale for their proposed mobility solution

Product Preparation

This step is overseen by the wheelchair fitment expert

Fitting, Training and Delivery

Help to advise users about maintaining their health and safety while using their powered wheelchair

Maintenance, Repair and Adaptation

Monitor the need to upgrade aspects of the chair's functionality in line with changing user needs

Outcome Measurement

Gather and report measures to assess the effects of the power wheelchair on postural and health goals, participation and capacity building

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